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Here we publishe our patches against the current stable versions of Horde and its plugins. We try to get them into the maintree of Horde. If you find better ways or other solutions please let us know. We don't take any warranty for possible damages to your Horde Setup!

All patches are released to share, so please give some Feedback!

horde/imp anonymity patch

  • anonymize the sender of mails sent via horde/imp

To apply the patch, download it to the root folder of your Horde/IMP application and use this command on the bash:

patch lib/Horde/MIME/Headers.php Horde.patch.txt 

For additional infos have a look @:

imp/horde gpg patch

  • searches for the keys in the prefs (only works if you have emailaddresses as usernames)
  • searches for the key as well (with the emailaddress), if we don't have a fingerprint

Against Imp: Media:Imp.patch.txt

Against Horde: Media:Imp horde.patch.txt

kronolith patch

  • give a more detailed overview per month


passwd patch

  • enables passwords they way we do
  • add a little banner to propose a possible way to choose a good password


vacation patch

  • enables the way we do vacation