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   Maintainer: Alan Cox
   Ultra-stable tree for 2.6 series with fixes (security, functionality) for
   the last stable version. Some of the fixes have already been merged in 
   Linus's tree (the 'official' development tree - at, while some
   others are pending. 
   Maintainer: Andrew Morton
   Fancy new features and fixes with a focus on VM hacks. 
   Maintainer: Andrea Arcangeli
   VM updates, a multitude of fixes and various improvements from Andrea. 
   Maintainer: Dave Jones
   Forward ports of 2.4 bugfixes to 2.5 series, plus some other bits. (a slightly less bloody bleeding edge) 
   Maintainer: Con Kolivas
   A stable 2.6 based patchset with a focus on performance tweaks to the scheduler and vm, with specific tuning for the desktop to improve system responsiveness. 
   For data center or carrier grade linux, tuning especially for large machines and high database performance. 
   Maintainer: Rik van Riel
   Rmap has a reverse mapping from page frames to virtual mappings mostly in 
   Mostly Security Patches! Used by Debian!

order to make a more predictable VM, to get rid of some worst case VM behaviours and smooth things out. The reverse mappings provide infrastructure to make a more flexible VM possible ... which means that VM strategies in -rmap often change.

Debian package machen

für mehrprozessorsystem:


-> anmerkung dazu:

macht also nur sinn mit make-kpkg, mit make zusammen muss die iotion -j* übergeben werden...

dann das kernel-deb mit den optione machen

make-kpkg --append-to-version=.athlon.040504 kernel_image

die Optionen müssen gleich bleiben, sonst muss das directory nochmals aus dem bz2 neu kreiert werden.

make-kpkg --arch=um --rootcmd=fakeroot --append-to-version -041215 kernel_image