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Some stuff to harden your horde installation:

  1. see the install docs from horde, they already contain some information about securing your application
    1. have a look @
  2. use the following cmds after every update and upgrade, to remove unnecessary files and protect config files

Post Install

find horde -name COPYING -exec rm {} \;
find horde -name README -exec rm {} \;
find horde -name CHANGES -exec rm {} \;
find horde -name LICENSE -exec rm {} \;
find horde -name test.php -exec rm {} \;
find horde -name docs -type d -exec rm -rf {} \;
find horde -type d -name config -exec chown root.apache {} -R \;
find horde -type d -name config -exec chmod 0550 {}  \;
chmod 0440 horde/config/* horde/*/config/*