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iPXE is a small boot image, that allows you to chainload additional things such as a kernel over network or other means.

Build own image

The following commands are used to build an own image, containing a script, that configures the network and the loads a CentOS 6 Kernel preconfigured into the rescue mode. Useful to fix broken systems by mounting the built iso via a CD-Mount Option in your RSA/IPMI.

git clone git://
cd ipxe/src
$ cat myscript.ipxe 
ifopen net0
set net0/ip
set net0/netmask
set net0/gateway
set net0/dns
kernel rescue ip= netmask= gateway= dns= method= lang=en keymap=sg-latin1

$ make bin/ipxe.iso EMBED=./myscript.ipxe

bin/ipxe.iso is the built ISO-Image

You can also build other images ->